GAMP seminar by Job Kuit (Paderborn) – University of Copenhagen

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GAMP seminar by Job Kuit (Paderborn)

GAMP (Geometric Analysis and Mathematical Physics) Seminar.

Speaker: Job Kuit (Paderborn).

Title: Discrete series for spherical spaces.

Abstract: Let G/H be a homogeneous space and assume that it admits a G-invariant Radon measure. A discrete series representation for G/H is an irreducible subrepresentation of the space of square integrable functions on G/H. In this talk I will focus on a specific class of homogeneous spaces, the so-called spherical homogeneous spaces. I will discuss recent results on discrete series representations for such spaces, in particular a spectral gap theorem. This work is joint with Bernhard Krötz, Eric Opdam and Henrik Schlichtkrull.