GAMP seminar by Qijun Tan (Penn State) – University of Copenhagen

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GAMP seminar by Qijun Tan (Penn State)

GAMP (Geometric Analysis and Mathematical Physics) Seminar.

Speaker: Qijun Tan (Penn State).

Title: Asymptotically contained representations and the spherical Plancherel formula.

Abstract: We will introduce the notion of asymptotic containment of representations of C*-algebras. The spectral measure of the ambient representation is closely related to the spectral measure of an asymptotically contained one. We will show that the action of C^*(G//K) on L^2(K\G/MN) is asymptotically contained in its action on L^2(G//K). This fact can be used to prove Harish-Chandra's spherical Plancherel formula. This is a joint work with Nigel Higson.