Department Christmas Colloquium: Carsten Thomassen

Professor Carsten Thomassen
Professor Carsten Thomassen at the Department Colloqium

Speaker: Professor Carsten Thomassen, DTU, recipient of the Ole Rømer Medal 2022

Title: Graphs, Networks and Algorithms

Abstract: The 4-colour Problem (now a theorem), has been of great inspiration for the development of graph theory. In this talk, I shall discuss its role in complexity theory, the chromatic polynomial, and a general 5-colour theorem for each 2-dimensional surface.

The Department Christmas Colloquium will celebrate Carsten Thomassen and the Ole Rømer Gold Medal. The Ole Rømer medal is considered to be the most distinguished Danish scientific honour. Carsten Thomassen is only the second mathematician to receive the medal - Uffe Haagerup was the first in 1989.

The Department invites all department members to a reception for Carsten Thomassen at 14:45 in the lunchroom (4th floor) with (the traditional, by now) nice pastries, coffee and tea.

Carsten Thomassen

Carsten Thomassen

Carsten Thomassen