Seminar in applied mathematics and statistics

SPEAKER: Pariya Behrouzi (Wageningen University and Research).

TITLE: Extensions of Graphical Models with their Applications

ABSTRACT:  The objective of this talk is to extend graphical models for different data structures and to enlarge the applicability of graphical models in various applied fields, particularly in genetics. One of the main interests in genetics is to reconstruct an underlying network of genomic signatures of high-dimensional epistatic selection from multi-locus genotype data. In this talk, I introduce our proposed method for reconstructing a conditional independence network from multivariate non-Gaussian data, in particular for ordinal data. We implemented the method to detect epistatic interactions network in A.thaliana, where the aim is to find loci on a genome that do not segregate independently conditional on other loci.

Furthermore, I talk about an extension of graphical models to high-dimensional time-series data with non-Gaussian structure, where I combine directed and undirected graphical models to explore dynamic and contemporaneous interactions. I demonstrate the method on depression data from the Netherlands Study of Depression and Anxiety.


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