Algebra/Topology seminar

Speaker: Mads Bisgaard (ETH)

Title: Topology of small Lagrangian cobordisms

Abstract: I will discuss the following quantitative phenomenon in symplectic topology: in many situations, if a Lagrangian cobordism is sufficiently "small", then its topology is to a large extend determined by its boundary. This principle, in the spirit of quantitative topology, allows one to derive several homological uniqueness results for "small" Lagrangian cobordisms. Such results suggest an interpretation of surgery operations as a geometric realization of "cones" in the derived Fukaya category and are closely related to the recently discovered (by Cornea-Shelukhin) "cobordism metric". If time permits I will discuss a link to Vassilyev’s theory of Lagrange characteristic classes. The talk will not assume any prior knowledge of symplectic topology or Lagrangian cobordisms.