Algebra/Topology seminar

Please note the different time and place!

Speaker: Ángel González Prieto (University of Madrid)

Title: Topological Quantum Field Theories for representation varieties

Abstract: Topological Quantum Field Theories are powerful categorical tools that provide deep insight into the behaviour of topological invariants under gluing. In this talk, we will focus on their the applications to representation theory. Following this idea, we will construct a lax monoidal TQFT that computes the K-theory image of representation varieties over any compact manifold.

This TQFT gives rise to a recursive pattern that can be exploited for creating an effective method of calculation. As an application, we will use it to compute the Hodge structures on the cohomology of SL(2,C)-representation varieties over any compact surface.

Joint work with M. Logares and V. Muñoz.