Guide to the conference template


The template must be copied (with subpage) to the event folder and renamed with the relevant conference title. The MATH web-editor (Jim) will do this for you.

Do not build your conference pages outside of UCPH's CMS. “NemTilmeld/EasySignup” should only be used as a payment module.

The conference template is made with the document types Calendar event and Form - click on the links for detailed guides in the Web Guide. 

Edit the conference template

  1. Teaser/Resume must be completed, the text is used in a number of calendar views.

  2. In the text field, the introductory photo must be replaced by your own illustration (496 px wide). Or simply delete the image. You may want to post a group photo from the conference later.

  3. Below the photo insert the event's title and a short introductory text, max. 8-10 lines, 500 characters.

  4. The accordion menu is made with the most used headings. Editing is described below.

  5. Right-side boxes:
    The box "Details" with time, place and organizer is inserted automatically. It can not be (re)moved.
    The next box is for sponsor logos. You can find a small selection of sponsor logos here.
    Finally, a box for downloading the conference poster follows, if needed.

Edit the accordion menu

  1. New accordion sections are added by clicking on the last icon in the menu bar (with the three lines). 
    Then a window pops up, where you enter the title and text. It is also possible to add images and everything else the editor offers.

  2. Chose whether or not the fold-out menu should be open or closed. It is always set as closed as a default.
  3. You edit a section (a menu item) by clicking on the section and then clicking on the accordion icon.

  4. When you have opened a section for editing (in the Accordion window), you can delete the section by clicking [Delete] at the bottom right. 

If you have more than 2500-3000 characters in an accordion section, you should instead create a subpage (Standard page) and link from the accordion section to the subpage. Otherwise, the conference page becomes unmanageable. Do not display subpages in the left menu.

Do you need other sections for your conference? Lecture series, Prerequisites and references, Lecture notes or Financial support? You can follow the guide above and do it your self – or ask Jim to do it.

After the conference

Remember to follow up on your page when the conference is over.

  1. Change focus to the conference's results.

  2. Remove the sections/pages with the call for papers, hotels/accommodation and location/venue. They make no sense after the conference and will probably contain links that die over time.

  3. Remove the link to the registration form when the deadline has expired. One year after your conference, the participant’s data are automatically deleted from the form due to data protection requirements.