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  • 2014.11.24

    Nadim Rustom, postdoc

    Nadim Rustom was employed as postdoc at the Department of Mathematical Sciences in October 2014. He is a member of the Algebra and Number Theory group and the Experimental Mathematics group. »

  • 2014.11.14

    No MATH/DIKU merger

    The SCIENCE faculty management has withdrawn their proposal for a merger of DIKU and MATH. »

  • 2014.11.11

    Steffen Lauritzen, new professor in statistics

    The Dean has appointed Steffen L. Lauritzen professor of statistics at the Department of Mathematical Sciences, UCPH. »

  • 2014.11.11

    Entangled? Inaugural lecture by Matthias Christandl

    Matthias Christandl, Professor of mathematical physics at MATH/UCPH, gives his inaugural lecture about entangled quantum particles 28 November 2014. »

  • 2014.11.10

    Professor Niels Richard Hansen's inaugural lecture at MATH

    Statistics, dynamics and biological mechanics. That’s the title of the inaugural lecture by Niels Richard Hansen. The lecture is Friday 28 November 2014, at 15:00 in the HCØ's auditorium 4. »

  • 2014.11.06

    Rasmus Sylvester Bryder, PhD student

    Rasmus Sylvester Bryder is employed as a PhD student affiliated with the research group Non-commutative Geometry from 1 September 2014. He has Magdalena Musat and Mikael Rørdam as his supervisors. Rasmus' research »

  • 2014.11.06

    Xie Xiaolei, PhD student

    Xie Xiaolei is employed as a PhD student from November 2014. He is associated with the Insurance and Economics research group, and has Professor Thomas Mikosch as his PhD supervisor. »

  • 2014.11.04

    Birger Brietzke, PhD student

    Birger was hired as a PhD student at the Department of Mathematical Sciences 1 September 2014. He is affiliated with the research group Geometric Analysis and Mathematical Physics and has Jan Philip Solovej as »

  • 2014.11.04

    Annelies Jaspers, PhD student

    Annelies Jaspers is a PhD student – since October 2013 – from University of Leuven, Belgium. From September 2014 she is also enrolled as a phd-student at MATH/UCPH. »

  • 2014.11.04

    Frederik Riis Mikkelsen, PhD student

    Frederik Riis Mikkelsen started as a PhD student at the Department of Mathematical Sciences on the 1st of November 2014. He is affiliated with the research group Statistics and Probability Theory and has Niels Richard »

  • 2014.10.28

    Dino Destefano, PhD student

    Dino Destefano started as PhD student October 1st 2014 in the Algebra and Number Theory Group at MATH, UCPH. He is founded by Lars Hesselholt's Niels Bohr Professorship. Dino's supervisor is Ian Kiming and his PhD »

  • 2014.10.27

    Ulrik Buchholtz, postdoc

    Ulrik Buchholtz is employed as postdoc at The Department of Mathematical Sciences from 1 November 2014. »

  • 2014.10.16

    First Harald Bohr lecturer: Étienne Ghys (ENS, Lyon)

    The Department is proud to announce the inauguration of the Harald Bohr lecture series in mathematics, with the French mathematician Étienne Ghys on October 28.  »

  • 2014.10.15

    MATH/DIKU merger meets strong resistance

    On 15 September 2014 the SCIENCE faculty management came with a surprising proposal to merge the Department of Mathematical Sciences with the Department of Computer Science.  »

  • 2014.10.14

    New success with Gaming Café at Culture Night

    The Department’s Gaming Cafe in the Botanical Garden was well attended from 18 to 24, where the audience listened to the wise lectures about games, opportunities and strategies - or tested the theories at the café's »

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