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  • 2016.01.13

    David Skovmand, Associate Professor

    David Skovmand is employed from 1 January 2016 as an associate professor of Financial Mathematics in the Insurance and Economics section. »

  • 2016.01.07

    Jed Kaniewski, postdoc at QMATH

    Jed Kaniewski started at the department on 1st January 2016 as a postdoc with the Villum Center for Excellence in the Mathematics of Quantum Theory (QMATH). His postdoc mentor is Matthias Christandl. »

  • 2015.12.04

    Henrik Dam, PhD student

    Henrik Dam has started as a PhD student at the Insurance and Economics Section from 1st of October 2015. Henrik will have David Skovmand and Rolf Poulsen as supervisors.   »

  • 2015.12.01

    Christopher Perry, postdoc at GAMP

    Chris will be joining the department as a postdoc from December 2015. He will be associated with the section for Geometric Analysis and Mathematical Physics. »

  • 2015.11.26

    Alexandra Muñoz, guest postdoc at SYM

    Alexandra arrived at MATH in November 2015. Her one year visit to the Centre for Symmetry and Deformation - for interdisciplinary work, bridging biology and pure mathematics - are supported by The Danish National »

  • 2015.11.23

    Teacher of the year makes the abstract concrete

    What is the probability of receiving University of Copenhagen’s  teaching award 'Harald of the Year'? This year's recipient should be able to answer. He researches and teaches in probability theory. »

  • 2015.11.18

    Manuel Krannich, research assistant and PhD student

    Manuel Krannich is employed as a research assistant until the beginning January 2016, where he will start as a PhD student. »

  • 2015.11.16

    Danish Statistician honoured by Oxford

    Therese Graversen from the Department of Mathematical Sciences has received a medal from the University of Oxford for her outstanding PhD thesis about systematic treatment of DNA analyses.  »

  • 2015.11.06

    Inaugural lectures by Tinne Hoff Kjeldsen & Steffen Lauritzen

    Friday 20 November 2015 two professors will give you an insight in the diversity of mathematical sciences when they each give their inaugural lectures.  »

  • 2015.11.06

    Photos from Ostrowski prize ceremony

    The 2015 Ostrowski Prize was 30 October awarded to Professor Peter Scholze, University of Bonn, Germany. The Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Copenhagen, was hosting the event. »

  • 2015.11.03

    DFF postdoctoral grant for Kang Li

    The Danish Council for Independent Research (Natural Sciences) has awarded eight postdoctoral grants to research talents in Denmark. One of these is Kang Li, soon-to-be-PhD at the Department of Mathematical Sciences.  »

  • 2015.10.28

    UCPH Team wins the Danish Championship in Programming for the fifth time

    Once again the team "Lambdabamserne" from University of Copenhagen - two Math and one Computer Science student - can call themselves Danish Champions in programming. 35 teams competed on Saturday 10 October 2015.. »

  • 2015.10.27

    Popular internship at MATH

    Once a year, high school students have the opportunity to apply for a three-day internship at the Danish universities. There is only room for 30 interns here at MATH, and the department is very much in demand. »

  • 2015.10.20

    Harald Bohr Lecture by Gerd Faltings

    The Department of Mathematical Sciences is proud to announce our next Harald Bohr Lecturer: Professor Gerd Faltings, Director of the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in Bonn, will Thursday 29 October 2015 give a »

  • 2015.10.09

    Omri Ross, postdoc

    Omri Ross was employed as a postdoc at MATH in October 2015, where he was associated with the Section for Insurance and Economics. His postdoc mentor was Rolf Poulsen. »

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