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  • 2015.10.09

    Alexander Müller-Hermes, new postdoc

    The department has employed Alexander Müller-Hermes as postdoc from October 2015. He will be associated with the Geometric Analysis and Mathematical Physics section. Alexander did his PhD under the supervision of Michael »

  • 2015.10.09

    Rune Haugseng, new postdoc

    Rune Haugseng is employed as a postdoc from 1 October 2015. He will be working with the research group in topology and the Centre for Symmetry and Deformation. Rune, who is a Norwegian citizen, did his undergraduate »

  • 2015.10.06

    Anja Janßen, new postdoc

    Anja Janßen is employed as a postdoc at MATH, associated with the Insurance & Economics section. She will primarily work with Thomas Mikosch. Her research area is extreme value theory with a focus on the extremal »

  • 2015.10.02

    Mads Christian Hansen, new PhD student

    Mads Christian Hansen is employed at the section for Statistics and Probability Theory, and will work in the Dynamical Systems Interdisciplinary Network and Mathematics of Reaction Networks groups. His PhD-project will »

  • 2015.10.02

    Jakob Björnberg, new postdoc

    Jakob Björnberg is employed as a postdoc, associated with the section for Geometric Analysis and Mathematical Physics. He will primarily be working with Bergfinnur Durhuus. Jakob is interested in statistical physics and »

  • 2015.09.29

    Niko Laaksonen, visiting postdoc

    Niko Laaksonen is a postdoctoral visitor of Morten Risager and is funded by the London Mathematical Society 150th Anniversary Postdoctoral Mobility Grant. He will be staying at MATH between 28th September 2015 and 27th »

  • 2015.09.28

    Bob Pepin, visiting PhD student

    Bob Pepin is working with the Statistics and Probability Theory Section at MATH as a visiting PhD student. He is doing his PhD in stochastic analysis under the supervision of Anton Thalmaier at the University of »

  • 2015.09.25

    MATH professor in controversy about sea level rise

    The science-site brought 9.22 an article about the discussions between state geologist Jens Morten Hansen and a number of other researchers whether the moon - not global warming - is causing the sea levels »

  • 2015.09.25

    Catalina Vich, guest PhD student

    Catalina Vich will be working with the research group Statistics and Probability Theory until the end of January 2016, collaborating with Professor Susanne Ditlevsen. »

  • 2015.09.22

    Simon Rose, new postdoc

    Simon Rose is employed as a postdoc, associated with the research groups Topology and Algebra & Number Theory. He will primarily be working with Lars Halle. Simon is interested in the intersections between Number Theory, »

  • 2015.09.18

    New centre for the mathematics of quantum theory

    The VILLUM FONDEN has granted 30 million DKK to the “Villum Centre of Excellence for the Mathematics of Quantum Theory (QMATH)”. »

  • 2015.09.18

    Invitation to the 2015 Ostrowski Prize Ceremony

    The 2015 Ostrowski Prize is awarded to Professor Peter Scholze, University of Bonn, Germany. All interested are invited to the Ceremony which takes place on Friday 30 October 2015 in Copenhagen. »

  • 2015.09.18

    Espen Auseth Nielsen, PhD student at SYM

    Espen Auseth Nielsen is employed as a PhD student at the Center for Symmetry and Deformation from 15 September 2015. His PhD project will be supervised by Nathalie Wahl and is in the area of homological stability, »

  • 2015.09.18

    Guozhen Wang, new postdoc

    Guozhen Wang was employed as a postdoc at MATH on September 1st, 2015. He will be working with the research groups Algebra & Number Theory and Topology – and with Centre for Symmetry and Deformation. Guozhen received his »

  • 2015.09.11

    Culture Night 2015: Strategies, scrabble and cello sonatas

    Once more MATH organizes a Gaming Cafe at Culture Night (9 October) in the Botanical Gardens. We are also hosting the German math professor Matthias Kreck and his lecture/concert "M3: Music, Math & Malerei". »

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