Young Women in C*-Algebras 2017 – University of Copenhagen

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Young Women in C*-Algebras 2017

The University of Copenhagen

August 5-6, 2017

A mini-workshop where all women participating in the YMC*A are invited to speak, independently of their research topic (von Neuman algebras, C*-algebras or other).  We encourage all women that attend the YWC*A to speak at both events even if it means identical talks. The program will also include plenary lectures by an established researcher, and mentor-group discussions.

Lectures by Magdalena Musat (Copenhagen)

Title: Quantized functional analysis, tensor norms and the Grothendieck program


All women participating in YMC*A can apply for shared accommodation to attend the YWC*A as well.  All YMC*A participants are welcome to attend all the YWC*A talks.  When you register for YMC*A, you will be given the option to also register for YWC*A.