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New names

New employees and guests at the department

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  • 2018.04.13

    Morten S. Risager, professor of mathematics

    The Dean has appointed Morten S. Risager Professor of Mathematics (Analytic number theory) at the Department of Mathematical Sciences from 1 April 2018. »

  • 2018.04.11

    Katja Thorseth new Head of Administration

    Katja has previously been in the position of head of administration and is therefore extremely well-known with the duties and the people here. »

  • 2018.03.02

    Helle Sørensen has been called for a professorship at MATH

    Helle Sørensen has been called for a professorship at the Department of Mathematical Sciences. Helle is internationally recognized for her many research contributions in both theoretical and applied statistics and is known for her ability to establish close and fruitful collaborations with researchers from other sciences. »

  • 2018.02.20

    Maria Laura Battagliola, PhD student at SPT

    Maria Laura was employed as a PhD student in the Statistics and Probability Theory group from 15 December 2017. Her PhD project is called “Quantile regression for longitudinal functional data”.  »

  • 2018.02.05

    Peter Johnson, postdoc at IE

    1 February 2018 Peter Johnson joined the Department of Mathematical Sciences as a postdoc working with Jesper Lund Pedersen on Non-linear optimal stopping problems. Peter will be associated with the Section for Insurance and Economics. »

  • 2018.02.02

    Maxime Savoy, PhD student at QMATH

    Maxime Savoy started as PhD student 1 February 2018 associated with the department's Section for Geometric Analysis and Mathematical Physics and the Centre for the Mathematics of Quantum Theory.  »

  • 2018.01.10

    Jacob Østergaard, postdoc at SPT

    Jacob is affiliated with the research group Statistics and Probability Theory as postdoc starting from January 1st 2018.  »

  • 2018.01.03

    Anssi Lahtinen, visiting assistant professor at SYM

    Anssi Lahtinen returned to the University of Copenhagen on 1 January 2018 as a visiting assistant professor. He will be affiliated with the topology group and the Centre for Symmetry and Deformation. »

  • 2017.12.04

    Alexandra Brooke Munoz, postdoc at SYM

    Alexandra joined the department as a postdoc in October 2017. She is funded by her Villum Experiment grant for the project, “Beyond the Genome: Re-theorizing the cellular system“. »

  • 2017.11.06

    Robert Jonsson, postdoc at QMATH

    Robert Jonsson joined the Centre for the Mathematics of Quantum Theory (QMATH) at the University of Copenhagen as postdoc on November 1st, 2017. »

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