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New names

New employees and guests at the department

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  • 2017.09.01

    Lukas Schimmer, postdoc at QMATH

    Lukas joined the department on 1 September 2017 as a postdoc in the group of Prof Jan Philip Solovej at the Villum Centre of Excellence for the Mathematics of Quantum Theory (QMATH). »

  • 2017.08.30

    Gábor Szabó, postdoc

    Gábor Szabó joins the Non-Commutative Geometry group and the Centre for Symmetry and Deformation as a postdoc on September 1st, 2017. His postdoc mentor will be Mikael Rørdam. »

  • 2017.08.28

    Christian Furrer, industrial PhD student

    Christian Furrer has been enrolled as an industrial PhD student at the department in cooperation with PFA Pension. Christian is associated with the research group in Insurance and Economics, and his main supervisor is Professor Mogens Steffensen.  »

  • 2017.08.25

    Márton Hablicsek, postdoc

    Márton Hablicsek started 1 August as a postdoc in the Section for Topology, Functional Analysis and Algebra. He will be working with Centre for Symmetry and Deformation. His postdoc mentor is Professor Ryszard Nest. »

  • 2017.08.25

    Riccardo Pengo, PhD student

    Riccardo Pengo is employed as a PhD student in the Department of Mathematical Sciences. He arrived on 1 September 2017 to work in the Algebra and Number Theory group under the joint supervision of Ian Kiming and Fabien Pazuki. »

  • 2017.08.03

    Nicholas Gauguin Houghton-Larsen, PhD student at QMATH

    Nicholas Gauguin Houghton-Larsen is employed from 1 August 2017 as a PhD student at the Department of Mathematical Sciences - as part of the QMATH research group.  »

  • 2017.08.02

    Georgios Dalezios, visiting PhD student

    George is a PhD student under the double degree programme; his supervisors are Henrik Holm from MATH and Sergio Estrada from the University of Murcia (Spain).  »

  • 2017.08.01

    Rune Christiansen, PhD student at SPT

    Rune Christiansen started 1 July 2017 as a PhD under the supervision of Jonas Peters in the research group “Causal Inference with Incomplete Data” – under the section of statistics and probability theory (SPT).  »

  • 2017.07.31

    Jorge Yslas Altamirano, PhD student

    Jorge Yslas Altamirano is employed as a PhD student in the section for Insurance and Economics as of 1 August 2017. His principal supervisor is Thomas Mikosch.  »

  • 2017.07.28

    Philipp Schmitt, PhD student

    Philipp Schmitt is employed as a PhD student at the Department of Mathematical Sciences from 1 September 2017. His principal PhD supervisor is Ryszard Nest. »

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