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PhD calls

The usual entry level for our (3 years) PhD program is a Master's Degree. Besides having the appropriate entry level degree, to become a PhD student at our department you need first of all:

    1. a stipend to cover your living expenses (your salary) and the fees (taxameter) to the university (currently DKK 80,000 per year),
    2. to be admitted to the PhD school at the Faculty of Sciences,

      The department offers a number of PhD stipends every year. Many of them are tied to external grants within specific research areas, but we aim to have a few stipends that are not tied to any external funding.

      We have calls for applications to all our available stipends twice a year, with deadline beginning of December and April, respectively. The calls will be announced here in November and March.

      If you have obtained financial support from other sources to do a PhD in Copenhagen, then you only need to worry about item 2 above, but we recommend that you also in this case submit an application to one of our PhD calls (indicating that you already have financial support).

      The applications for the PhD calls will be evaluated by the research committee (Forskningsudvalg) of the department.  

      If you have been offered a stipend through one of our PhD calls, Item 2 above is usually just a matter of form (see After accepting a PhD stipend). 

      All candidates with a foreign (= non-Danish) Master's Degree must have an official evaluation, a so-called IU assessment, of their degree issued by a government agency, Danish Agency for International Education. It is less hassle than it may sound! Ask Nina Weisse to help you with this. It is a good idea to get this assessment as early as possible. You can apply for this assessment before you know if you are awarded a stipend, but not before you have completed your Masters Degree.