Flat Objects in Rep(Q,R-Mod) The Category of Quiver Representations – University of Copenhagen

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Flat Objects in Rep(Q,R-Mod) The Category of Quiver Representations

Specialeforsvar ved Ann-Sofie Grundahl

Titel: Flat Objects in Rep(Q,R-Mod) The Category of Quiver Representations

Abstract: In this thesis, we study flat representations of quivers (where quivers are directed graphs), that are direct limits of projective objects. We consider the flat representations in the category Rep(Q,R-Mod) of representations of a quiver Q with values in R-Mod. We derive certain properties of the flat representations, and in this way, we consider projective representations, which turn out to be generators of the whole category of representations of the quiver. Then we finally characterize flat representations for quivers by left rooted quivers.


Vejleder: Henrik Holm
Censor:   Niels Lauritzen, Aarhus Universitet