Number theory seminar: Yohan Brunebarbe – University of Copenhagen

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Number theory seminar: Yohan Brunebarbe

Hyperbolicity of moduli spaces of abelian varieties

For any positive integers g and n, let A_g(n) be the moduli space of principally polarized abelian varieties with a level-n structure (it is a smooth quasi-projective variety for n>2). Building on works of Nadel and Noguchi, Hwang and To have shown that the minimal genus of a curve contained in A_g(n) grows with n. We will explain a generalization of this result dealing with subvarieties of any dimension. In particular, we show that all subvarieties of A_g(n) are of general type when n > 6g. Similar results are true more generally for quotients of bounded symmetric domains by lattices.