27. marts 2012

Ib Madsen awarded Ostrowski prize


The Ostrowski Foundation has announced that Ib Madsen has been awarded the prestigious Ostrowski Prize for 2011 which he shares with David Preiss and Kannan Soundararajan.

The Ostrowski Prize is an award for outstanding achievements in pure mathematics and the foundations of numerical mathematics given every other year by the Ostrowski Foundation.

Recipients are selected by an international jury from the universities of Basel, Jerusalem, Waterloo and the academies of Denmark and the Netherlands. Alexander Ostrowski, a longtime professor at the University of Basel, left his estate to the foundation in order to establish a prize. Previous winners include Ben Green FRS, Richard Taylor FRS and Sir Andrew Wiles FRS.

On April 13, 4pm there will be a reception on the occasion of Ib Madsen winning the 2012 Ostrowski prize. The reception will be preceeded by talk by two of Ib's students, Søren Galatius, Stanford University, at 14:15 who will talk on Moduli Spaces, and Lars Hesselholt, Nagoya University at 15:15, who will talk on Automorphisms of Manifolds. Both talks will be in HCØ Aud 4.