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Niels Martin Møller

Niels Martin Møller

Assistant professor

  • Research interests: Geometric analysis, where differential geometry and topology meet nonlinear partial differential equations, and in mathematical physics. At present I work primarily on minimal surface theory, and on applying techniques from that subject to singularities and solitons in curvature flows. Other related interests include conformal and Kähler geometry, theory for quantum computers and quantum fields/strings, spectral theory for Schrödinger operators, and applications of representation theory for Lie groups.

  • Papers: [Papers/citations at Google Scholar]  [arXiv]

  • Brief Science CV: I received my PhD degree from MIT in 2012, supervised by Prof. Tobias H. Colding. I was then employed as Instructor at Princeton University (three years, in the group of S.-Y. Alice Chang, Paul C. Yang, Gang Tian and Fernando C. Marques), and then in 2015-16 as the S.-S. Chern Senior Postdoc. at ICTP (in Fernando Villegas' and Claudio Arezzo's group) and a member at MSRI in Berkeley, CA.

    Since August 2016, I am Tenure-Track Assistant Professor at University of Copenhagen.

    In June 2017, I was admitted as one of 7 new members of The Young Academy under the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters: Member Profiles at The Young Academy.

  • Significant Research Grants:
    2018--2022: P.I., Sapere Aude-Research Leader, Danish Council for Independent Research, Denmark.
    2013--2018: P.I., National Science Foundation Award, USA. (2015--: Co-P.I.)

  • Supervision/group members: At the moment I have 2-3 graduate students (PhD/MSc) and two BSc students.

  • Teaching:
    Differential Equations
    (BSc, Spring)
    Partial Differential Equations (MSc/PhD, Fall).

  • Other activities:
    Since August 2017, I organize the seminar for our research group GAMP (Geometric Analysis and Mathematical Physics).
    - Coorganizer on the Øresund Seminar, biannual joint workshop U Copenhagen & U Lund (Sweden).
    - Masterclass/PhD school/workshop: Geometric Analysis on Noncompact Spaces.
    - Journal club/informal learning seminar in geometric analysis.
    - General audience talks (Copenhagen area): Profile at "Get a Scientist".

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