Riccardo Pengo

Riccardo Pengo

PhD Student

Hello there! My friends and enemies know me as Riccardo Pengo and I am currently working as a PhD student at the University of Copenhagen. My supervisors are Ian Kiming and Fabien Pazuki.

Previously I was a Bachelor student at the University of Milan and an ALGANT Master student. I spent the first year of my Master in Milan and the second at Leiden University, where I wrote my master thesis under the supervision of Peter Bruin.

You can find me in office 04.0.04.

Current research

During my PhD project here in Copenhagen I will try to find relationships between heights and special values of L-functions . I will try in particular to find explicit relationships between the Mahler measureof a polynomial, which tells us how "big" the polynomial is, and linear combinations of special values attained by the derivative of an L-function. L-functions are Dirichlet series which can be attached to many kinds of objects. The challenge here will be, given a polynomial, to understand which object we need to consider in order to obtain the identity that we are looking for.

Here are two leading papers related to my project:

  1. Boyd, David W. "Mahler's measure and special values of L-functions." Experimental Mathematics 7.1 (1998): 37-82.
  2. Deninger, Christopher. "Deligne Periods of Mixed Motives, K-Theory and the Entropy of Certain Z^n-Actions. " Journal of the American Mathematical Society 10.2 (1997): 259-281.


Mathematical events

Here is a list of the conferences, summer schools and other events related to Maths that I have attended or that I plan to attend in the next future.

  1. "Hot topics: The Homological Conjectures", Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Berkeley (California, USA), 12-16 March 2018
  2. "Arizona Winter School 2018", Southwest Center for Arithmetic Geometry, Tucson (Arizona, USA), 3-7 March 2018
  3. "Conference on Algebraic Geometry and Number Theory on the occasion of Jean-Louis Colliot-Thélène's 70th birthday", Villa Finaly, Florence, 4-6 December 2017
  4. "Rational Points and Zariski Density", University of Copenhagen (Denmark), 15-17 November 2017
  5. "N-Cube Days VII", KTH and Stockholm University (Sweden), 20-21 October 2017
  6. "Summer School on Modular Forms", University of Padova (Italy), 27 August - 6 September 2017
  7. "Where Geometry Meets Number Theory", University of Göteborg (Sweden), 17-19 July 2017


During the current academic year I will be a teaching assistant in Fabien Pazuki's course "Topics in Algebra and Number Theory", which will take place during Block 4 at the University of Copenhagen.

Here you can find a program of the course.

ID: 182567925