Welcome to the lecture course on Moduli Spaces of Manifolds!

The course will be given by Søren Galatius and Oscar Randal-Williams.

The lectures take place Wednesday 13.15-15.00 in 4.04.01!

Handwritten notes will appear on this page shortly after the lecture.


Feb 15 Søren Galatius  Basic Definitions and Introduction
 Feb 22 Søren Galatius   B_d and smooth manifold bundles
 Feb 29 Oscar Randal-Williams First steps in the proof of the MGTW Theorem
Mar 7 Oscar Randal-Williams Continuation on the MGTW Theorem and scanning maps
Mar 14 Søren Galatius Continuation on MGTW Theorem
Mar 21 Søren Galatius Continuation on MGTW Theorem
Mar 28 Søren Galatius Final steps in the proof of the MGTW Theorem
Apr 11 Oscar Randal-William Generalizations
Apr 18 Oscar Randal-William Proof of MGTW with Theta-structures
Apr 25 Oscar Randal-William Continuation on the proof
May 2 Søren Galatius Local surgery
May 9 Søren Galatius Local surgery continued
May 16 Oscar Randal-William Augmented semi-simplicial spaces and microfibrations
May 23 Oscar Randal-William Another surgery move
May 30 Oscar Randal-William Applying the surgery
June 6 Søren Galatius Getting towards Spheres
June 13 Søren Galatius Final steps



 The exercise classes take place Wednesday 10-12  in 4.04.01 (if not announced differently). The teaching assistent is Angela Klamt. 

 Week 1  20.2.2012
 Week 2  27.2.2012
 Week 3  05.3.2012
 Week 4  12.3.2012
 Week 5  19.3.2012
 Week 6 (new version 27.3.2012)  26.3.2012
 Week 7  16.4.2012
 Week 12  23.5.2012