This is the webpage for our "Topological Cyclic Homology" seminar, which is currently not running anymore but might be revived any moment.

Time and place: Tuesdays 10:15-12, room 4.4.20

Aim: We will go through topics from Lars Hesselholt's notes from '96. The plan is to at least define the TC space before the end of June as a preparation for the Young Topologist Meeting.

Upcoming talks:

Date Speaker Topic
27 May Amalie The Cyclic object and its realization
Massimiliano Hochschild homology
3 June Kristian Spectra
Chris Subdivision
10 June Irakli A wider perspective
Irakli Topological Hochschild homology
17 June Kristian The space TC(L)
Emanuele Dotto Trace maps
24 June Ryszard Nest Cyclic homology and variations

30 June-

4 July

Young Topologists Meeting

Mini-course by Lars Hesselholt

Topological Hochschild homology