Welcome to the topology group at the University of Copenhagen!

Our group carries out research in both algebraic and geometric topology, as well as its interactions with group and representation theory. Research areas include homotopy theory, homotopical group theory, group cohomology, mapping class groups, operads, and manifold- and surgery theory. 

We refer to the homepages of the individual group members for more information about our research as well as the homepage of the Centre for Symmetry and Deformation .
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Seminar info: The Copenhagen Topology Seminar (usually on Mondays at 3pm) is currently organized by Tobias Barthel and Markus Hausmann; please write to them if you want to suggest speakers. In addition, there is the (junior) "What is...?" seminar.

Funding: The group is part of the Centre for Symmetry and Deformation, funded by the Danish National Research Foundation.