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Name Title Job responsibilities Phone E-mail
Eilers, Søren Professor NCG, SYM +45 353-20755 E-mail
Elliott, George Arthur Affiliate Professor NCG, SYM +45 353-20723 E-mail
Grubb, Gerd Emeritus GAMP, NCG +45 353-20743 E-mail
Grønbæk, Niels Professor NCG +45 353-20688 E-mail
Jøndrup, Søren Associate professor emeritus ALG, NCG +45 353-20730 E-mail
Martos Prieto, Ruben Postdoc NCG, SYM +45 353-32284 E-mail
Musat, Magdalena Elena Associate professor NCG, SPT, SYM +45 353-20745 E-mail
Nest, Ryszard Professor NCG, GAMP, SYM +45 23 26 96 07 E-mail
Rørdam, Mikael Deputy head of department, professor NCG, SYM +45 51 36 30 32 E-mail
Törnquist, Asger Dag Associate professor NCG +45 353-20757 E-mail