Members of Algebra and Number Theory

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Name Title Job responsibilities Phone E-mail
Aumonier, Alexis Bertrand Jacques PhD student ALG, TOP, SYM +45 353-26070 E-mail
Bergh, Daniel Sven Tobias Postdoc ALG, TOP +45 353-25353 E-mail
Brustenga, Laura Postdoc +34644958030 E-mail
Campagna, Francesco PhD student ALG, SYM +45 353-34228 E-mail
Frey, Linda Karina External ALG   E-mail
Gritschacher, Simon Philipp Postdoc ALG, TOP, SYM +45 353-24890 E-mail
Grodal, Jesper Director of centre, professor TOP, ALG, SYM +45 353-20686 E-mail
Gunton, Cody L Postdoc ALG, SYM +45 353-26081 E-mail
Halle, Lars Halvard Associate professor ALG   E-mail
Hesselholt, Lars Professor ALG, TOP +45 51 31 99 71 E-mail
Holm, Henrik Granau Associate professor ALG +45 51 32 00 18 E-mail
Jensen, Chr Ulrik Emeritus ALG +45 353-20751 E-mail
Jøndrup, Søren Associate professor emeritus ALG, NCG +45 353-20730 E-mail
Kiming, Ian Professor ALG +45 353-20758 E-mail
Olsson, Jørn Børling Professor emeritus ALG   E-mail
Pascual Escudero, Beatriz Postdoc ALG, SPT, MBIO   E-mail
Pazuki, Fabien Associate professor ALG +45 353-30567 E-mail
Pengo, Riccardo PhD student ALG, SYM +45 353-24827 E-mail
Risager, Morten S. PhD coordinator GAMP, ALG +45 353-20756 E-mail
Schmidt, Asmus Lorenzen Emeritus ALG   E-mail
Thorup, Anders Associate professor emeritus ALG +45 353-20751 E-mail