N-Cube Days – University of Copenhagen

13.07-17.07, 2015: Conference in Aarhus: Diophantine Approximation and Related Topics.

22.06-26.06, 2015
: Conference in Stockholm, Mittag-Leffler: Quantitative arithmetic geometry.

16.06-17.06, 2015:
Conference in Copenhagen: N³ Days II.

Tuesday 16.06 Wednesday 17.06
09:10-10:00 Talk 5 in Aud 10
10:00-10:30 Coffee break
10:30-11:20 Talk 6 in Aud 10
11:30-12:20 Talk 7 in Aud 10
13:15-14:05 Talk 1 in Aud 10
14:15-15:05 Talk 2 in Aud 10
15:05-15:35 Coffee break
15:35-16:25 Talk 3 in Aud 10
16:35-17:25 Talk 4 in Aud 10
18:30 Dinner

T1: Takeshi Saito (Tokyo)
T2: Michael Larsen (Indiana)
T3: Peter Beelen (Copenhagen DTU)
T4: Kalle Leppälä (Aarhus)
T5: Qing Liu (Bordeaux)
T6: Amos Turchet (Göteborg)
T7: Philipp Habegger (Basel)

See the detailed program (PDF). The room Aud 10 is in the HCØ building, first floor.

15.12-16.12, 2014:
Conference in Copenhagen: N-Cube Days I (Number Theory Days (I)).

Monday 15.12 Tuesday 16.12
09:10-10:00 Talk 5 in Aud 1
10:10-11:00 Talk 6 in Aud 1
11:10-12:00 Talk 7 in Aud 1
13:15-14:05 Talk 1 in S11
14:10-15:00 Talk 2 in S11
15:15-16:15 Talk 3 in Aud 10
16:30-17:20 Talk 4 in Aud 6
18:30 Dinner

T1: Simon Kristensen (Univ Århus): Multiplicative problems in Diophantine approximation.
T2: Tomas Persson (Univ Lund): Hausdorff dimensions of sets in Diophantine approximation.
T3: Lars Winther Christensen (Texas Tech Univ, joint talk with Alg-Top): Tate (co)homology over associative rings.
T4: Ulf Kühn (Univ Hamburg): On the generators of a certain algebra of multiple q-zeta values.
T5: Dan Petersen (Univ Copenhagen): Cohomology of local systems on the moduli of principally polarized abelian surfaces.
T6: Per Salberger (Univ Gothenburg): Counting rational points on projective varieties.
T7: Nadim Rustom (Univ Copenhagen): Finiteness questions in the arithmetic of modular forms mod p^m.

See the detailed program (PDF). The room S11 is in the D part of the HCØ building, nano-science center, ground floor.