Welcome to the Algebra and Number Theory group at the University of Copenhagen!

The research group 'Algebra and number theory' is involved with a broad section of modern algebra, algebraic geometry, and number theory.
We organize a regular seminar: Number Theory Seminar.
We are an active node in the Nordic Number theory Network: www.n-cube.net.
Here is a list of the members of the group together with brief descriptions of their fields:


  • Lars Halvard Halle: Algebraic and arithmetic geometry; curves, abelian varieties, Calabi-Yau varieties, zeta functions, motivic integration, degenerations, Hilbert schemes and moduli spaces.
  • Lars Hesselholt: K-theory, algebraic geometry, algebraic topology, number theory.
  • Henrik Holm: Homological algebra and its areas of application, including representation theory, ring theory, and category theory.
  • Ian Kiming: Algebraic number theory and arithmetic geometry, in particular Galois representations and automorphic forms, classical, mod p, and p-adic aspects.
  • Mehdi Fabien Pazuki: Number theory, diophantine geometry, heights, elliptic curves, abelian varieties, rational points on curves.
  • Morten S. Risager: Analytic number theory and automorphic forms.


  • Daniel Bergh: Algebraic geometry.
  • Linda Karina Frey: Number theory, elliptic curves, (CM) Jacobians of genus 2 curves, heights.
  • Cody Gunton: Arithmetic geometry, especially integral p-adic Hodge theory and the theory of degenerations.
  • Farbod Shokrieh: The intersection of non-archimedean (and tropical) geometry, algebraic geometry, number theory, and combinatorics.

PhD students:

  • Francesco Campagna: Algebraic number theory with a focus on elliptic curves with complex multiplication (PhD with Pazuki).
  • Asbjorn Nordentoft: Analytic number theory (phD with Risager).
  • Luigi Pagano: Algebraic Geometry (PhD with Lars Halle).
  • Riccardo Pengo: L-functions, in particular relationships between Mahler measures and derivatives of L-functions (PhD with Pazuki and Kiming). 


  • Christian U. Jensen: Algebraic number theory with a particular view towards Galois theoretic embedding problems.
  • Søren Jøndrup: Non-commutative ring theory, in particular P.I. theory with applications to finite-dimensional representations of non-commutative rings.
  • Jørn Børling Olsson: Representations of finite groups.
  • Asmus Schmidt: Number theory, in particular diophantine approximation and algebraic number theory.
  • Anders Thorup : Algebraic geometry, in particular intersection theory with applications to enumerative geometry.

  Historical members: 

  • Hans-Bjørn Foxby (1947-2014): Homological algebra, triangulated/derived categories, intersection multiplicities.

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