Christian Lax's talk – University of Copenhagen

16 February 2017

Christian Lax's talk

Christian Lax (RWTH Aachen) is visiting the group the 2nd and 3rd of March 2017. 

He is giving a talk on the 2nd of March at 14.15. The title of the talk is "Tikhonov-Fenichel reductions for reaction diffusion systems".

Abstract: "Tikhonov-Fenichel reductions, i.e. asymptotic reductions of ODE systems based on the classical theorems of Tikhonov and Fenichel, have been used successfully in the context of chemical reaction systems with spatial homogeneity. Due to the absence of an analogous theorem in the context of reaction diffusion systems (i.e. systems of PDEs) we propose a heuristic method to use Tikhonov-Fenichel reductions for spatially discretized PDE systems. This heuristic is based on a rigorous result for compartmental systems. We can show for a number of applications that this ansatz is well-grounded." 

Christian Lax is a PhD student working under the supervision of Sebastian Walcher.