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NameTitleJob responsibilitiesPhoneE-mail
Berg, ChristianProfessor emeritus GAMP, SPT +45 353-20777E-mail
Biswas, Sazzad AliPostdoc GAMP +45 353-33611E-mail
Christandl, MatthiasProfessor GAMP, QMATH +45 353-32298E-mail
Colding, Frederik Tobias HolckAffiliate Professor GAMP, SYM +45 29 61 15 84E-mail
Durhuus, BergfinnurProfessor GAMP, QMATH +45 353-20735E-mail
Flensted-Jensen, MogensProfessor emeritus GAMP +45 26 31 26 65E-mail
Friedrich, AlexanderPostdoc GAMP  E-mail
Fuglede, BentProfessor emeritus GAMP +45 353-20777E-mail
Grubb, GerdEmeritus GAMP, NCG +45 353-20743E-mail
Hackl, Lucas FabianPostdoc GAMP, QMATH  E-mail
Hansen, FrankProfessor emeritus. GAMP +45 353-32206E-mail
Jakobsen, Hans PlesnerAssociate professor emeritus GAMP, NCG +45 353-20689E-mail
Kjeldsen, Tinne HoffDeputy head of department, professor GAMP +45 353-35161E-mail
Larsen, Mogens EsromEmeritus GAMP, IE  E-mail
Lützen, JesperProfessor GAMP +45 353-20741E-mail
Matz, JasminAssociate professor GAMP +45 353-30054E-mail
Møller, Niels MartinAssistant professor, tenure track GAMP +45 353-33435E-mail
Müller-Hermes, Alexander Gerd CPostdoc GAMP, QMATH +45 353-32407E-mail
Nest, RyszardProfessor NCG, GAMP, SYM +45 23 26 96 07E-mail
Pedersen, Henrik LaurbergHead of section, professor GAMP +45 29 61 15 69E-mail
Pedersen, Thomas VilsAssociate professor GAMP +45 29 61 15 82E-mail
Risager, Morten S.PhD coordinator GAMP, ALG +45 353-20756E-mail
Schlichtkrull, HenrikProfessor GAMP +45 353-30405E-mail
Solovej, Jan PhilipProfessor GAMP, QMATH +45 353-30494E-mail
Topsøe, FlemmingEmeritus GAMP +45 35 02 07 33E-mail
Werner, Albert H.Assistant professor GAMP +45 353-32589E-mail