Section for Geometric Analysis and Mathematical Physics 

The section's main research areas are:

  • Analysis on manifolds and symmetric spaces (Colding, Grubb, Schlichtkrull, Møller)
  • Analytic number theory, zeta functions (Risager)
  • Approximation theory (Laurberg Pedersen)
  • Commutative Banach algebras, function spaces (Vils Pedersen)
  • Complex analysis and special functions (Berg, Laurberg Pedersen)
  • Curvature flows (Colding, Møller)
  • Harmonic analysis and representation theory of Lie groups (Jakobsen, Schlichtkrull)
  • History of mathematics (Lützen, Kjeldsen)
  • Orthogonal polynomials and moment problems (Berg, Laurberg Pedersen)
  • Partial differential equations (Colding, Durhuus, Grubb, Schlichtkrull, Solovej, Møller)
  • Quantum information theory (Christandl, Mancinska)
  • Quantum many-body physics (Solovej)
  • Quantum groups (Jakobsen)
  • Random geometry and quantum gravity (Durhuus)
  • Statistical mechanics (Durhuus, Solovej)
  • Spectral invariants on manifolds (Grubb, Møller)
  • Spectral theory of partial differential operators (Grubb, Solovej, Møller)

Se the QMATH site for information about mathematical physics and quantum information theory - and the works of Christandl, Duurhus and Solovej and others.

The section receives funding from the Danish Natural Science Research
Council through members participating in several networks.

The section runs the weekly seminars (organized by Niels Martin Møller):

  • Geometry and Analysis seminar 

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