Workshop and Masterclass on Homological stability – University of Copenhagen

Workshop and Masterclass on Homological stability

The University of Copenhagen

August 26-30, 2013

The program of the workshop/masterclass will consist of two lecture series: 

In addition there will be a few individual research talks and plenty of time for discussion. The workshop will start at 9:30 on Monday and end at 15:00 on Friday

Reading material: 

Here are some tips for how to prepare for the lectures: 

Functor homology: Draft of notes part 1 (lecture 1-4, Vespa) and part 2 (lecture 5, Djament) for the course. (Part 1 of the notes will be updated regularly in the coming days).

FI-modules: Section 2 of arXiv:1204.4533 as well as the following from the paper arXiv:1210.1854: the basic property that FI-modules over Noetherian rings are Noetherian, the complex denoted \tilde{S}_{-*} V which is defined in Section 2, and the connection between this complex and the homology of congruence subgroups in Section 3. 


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9-9:30 registration 9-10 Vespa 9-10 Vespa 9-10 Vespa 9-10 Djament
9:30-10:30 Vespa coffee coffee

NBP opening reception 

(talk by Ib Madsen)

coffee 10:30-11:30 Church 10:30-11:30 Church 10:30-11:30 Church
11-12 Church
12:30 lunch 12:30 lunch 12:30 lunch 13-14 Church 12:30 lunch
14-15:30 Galatius Randal-Williams
14-15:30 Ellenberg Westerland
14:15-15:30 Wilson
13-15 Djament Putman
cake cake cake 15-∞ discussion
16-17 Q&A 16-17 Q&A 16-17 Q&A
18:00 Pizzas

18:00 Words of Mathematics

How to get there


See the department calendar for abstract of the afternoon talks. 

Notes for the talks are linked to the schedule (after the talks).

Venue: Centre for Symmetry and Deformation, KU. For information how to get to the Department of Mathematical Sciences click here. All talks will take plce in Aud 10. 

Registration: If you want to participate, send an email to

Accommodation: We recommend Hotel 9 Små Hjem, which is pleasant and inexpensive and offers rooms with a kitchen. The small Hotel Rye is also a good local option. Other inexpensive alternatives are CabInn that has several locations in Copenhagen: the Hotel City (close to Tivoli), Hotel Scandivania (Frederiksberg, close to the lakes), and Hotel Express (Frederiksberg) are the most convenient locations; the latter two are 2.5-3 km from the math department. Somewhat more expensive - and still recommended - options are Hotel Nora and Ibsen's Hotel

Funding: We have a limited amount of funding available. Participants can expect to get up to 2500 DKK. To apply, please send an email to with a short research description or a link to a personal webpage providing information about your research. The deadline for application is June 30, 2013.


  • Tarje Bargheer (Melbourne)
  • Alexander Berglund (Stockholm)
  • Federico Cantero (Barcelona)
  • Tom Church (Stanford)
  • Dieter Degrijse (Leuven/Copenhagen)
  • Aurelien Djament (Nantes)
  • Daniela Egas (Copenhagen)
  • Jordan Ellenberg (Madison)
  • John Foley (Copenhagen)
  • Giovanni Gandini (Copenhagen)
  • Søren Galatius (Stanford) 
  • Mauricio Gomez (Copenhagen)
  • James Griffin (Glasgow)
  • Ilya Grigoriev (Stanford/Chicago)
  • Jesper Grodal (Copenhagen)
  • Angela Klamt (Copenhagen)
  • Sander Kupers (Stanford)
  • Anssi Lahtinen (Copenhagen)
  • Ib Madsen (Copenhagen)
  • Kristian Moi (Copenhagen)
  • Sam Nariman (Stanford)
  • Martin Palmer (Muenster)
  • Nathan G Perlmutter (Oregon)
  • Andy Putman (Rice)
  • Oscar Randal-Williams (Cambridge)
  • Wolfgang Steimle (Copenhagen)
  • Markus Szymik (Copenhagen) 
  • TriThang Tran (Melbourne)
  • Antoine Touze (Paris 13)
  • Massimiliano Ungheretti (Copenhagen)
  • Christine Vespa (Strasbourg)
  • Nathalie Wahl (Copenhagen)
  • Jianbo Wang (Copenhagen)
  • Craig Westerland (Melbourne/Minnesota)
  • Jenny Wilson (Chicago)


Alexander Berglund and Nathalie Wahl