Groups and fusion systems – University of Copenhagen


Masterclass on

Classification Problems in Groups and Fusion Systems

June 10-14, 2013


The lecture series of Aschbacher and Meierfrankenfeld will be supplemented by exercise sessions. A detailed program is available here.

Venue: Centre for Symmetry and Deformation, KU. For information how to get to the Department of Mathematical Sciences click here.

Accommodation: Participants are asked to book their own accommodation. We recommend Hotel 9 Små Hjem, which is pleasant and inexpensive and offers rooms with a kitchen. Other inexpensive alternatives are CabInn that has several locations in Copenhagen: the Hotel City (close to Tivoli), Hotel Scandivania (Frederiksberg, close to the lakes), and Hotel Express (Frederiksberg) are the most convenient locations; the latter two are 2.5-3 km from the math department. Somewhat more expensive - and still recommended - options are Hotel Nora and Ibsen's Hotel.

Organizer: Ellen Henke (Copenhagen)


  • Kasper K. Andersen (University of Lund)
  • Michael Aschbacher (California Institute of Technology)
  • Andrew Chermak (Kansas State University)
  • Antonio Díaz Ramos (Universidad de Málaga)
  • John Foley (University of Copenhagen)
  • Matthew Gelvin
  • Eugenio Gianelli (Royal Holloway University of London)
  • Alex Gonzales (University of Aberdeen)
  • Mathias Grimm (Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg)
  • Jesper Grodal (University of Copenhagen)
  • Ellen Henke (University of Copenhagen)
  • Alexander Ivanov (Imperial College London)
  • Martin Wedel Jacobsen (University of Copenhagen)
  • Makengele Loya Juresse (University of Kinshasa)
  • Justin Lynd (Rutgers University)
  • Ulrich Meierfrankenfeld (Michigan State University)
  • Ehud Meir (University of Copenhagen)
  • Rémi Molinier (Université Paris 13)
  • Jesper Michael Møller (University of Copenhagen)
  • Toke Nørgård-Sørensen (University of Copenhagen)
  • Jørn Olsson (University of Copenhagen)
  • Alessandro Paolini (University of Birmingham)
  • Sejong Park (EPFL, Switzerland)
  • Sune Precht Reeh (University of Copenhagen)
  • Christian Pröseler (Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg)
  • Nora Seeliger (Centre Recerca de Matematica)
  • Radu Stancu (Universite de Picardie)
  • Markus Szymik (University of Copenhagen)
  • Imke Toborg (Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg)
  • Xiaolong Yu (Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg)

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