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Academic guidance


When do I sign up? 

Each semester you are required to sign up for your exams. Enrollment for winter exams takes place in October and enrollment for summer exams in March. If you don’t sign up for exams within enrollment week, you are not allowed to sit the exams and you cannot get the credits which - if you are an exchange student - your home university probably requires of you.  

Where do I sign up? 

You can either sign up online at (degree students only - student ID-number/cpr-number and PIN code required) or show up in person with a valid student ID-card at the Faculty of Sciences Student Service Office. When enrolling at the University of Copenhagen, international students will receive such an ID-card. 

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Exam language 

As an international student you can sit your exams in Danish, English or in one of the Scandinavian languages. However, to sit an exam in a language other than Danish may require an exemption from the Study Board. In those cases you have to apply and obtain the exemption prior to enrollment week and the exemption must be shown when signing up for exams.

Please, be aware that when signing up for exams you have to choose between BA or MA level. Therefore we advise you - if you are an exchange student - to check with your home university whether they require BA or MA, because it will NOT be possible to change your registration later on.

Please note that certain subject areas require you to present a detailed reading list and a description of your special area of research in order to sit an exam. The course lecturer or the designated international counsellor can advise you about this. Til toppen

Cancellation of an exam

If the student wishes to cancel an exam, this has to be done no later than one week (7 dayes) before the actual exam. This can be done by contacting the Student Service Office by letter or email. 

The letter or e-mail should include name, CPR-number (or ID-number if you are exchange- or guest student), name of the exam you wish to cancel and placement in the block structure, phone number, address and e-mail address. 

Deferral of examination due to illness

Students who have been prevented from sitting exams due to illness must show proof of this. It requires a doctor's statement that is signed on the actual examination day/due day.Til toppen

Grading scheme

According to Danish legislation, students should be assesed by using a 7-point grading scale (implemented 2007). Though, if stipulated by the rules of the individual study programme, the assesment 'pass/'fail' may be used.

The student's performance must be assessed according to academic targets set for the specific subject or course (absolute grading method). The relative grading method must not be used.

The 7-point grading scale contains the following grades:
12: For an excellent performance
10: For a very good performance
7: For a good performance
4: For a fair performance
02: For an adequate performance
00: For an inadequate performance
-3: For an unacceptable performance

To pass a course, you need to obtain at least the grade 02.

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Plagiarism and cheating 

The term plagiarism refers to the unacknowledged use of someone else's ideas; in other words, you plagiarize when you offer someone else's thoughts and ideas as your own. You should at all times present your own work for the exams and should give correct references for all quotations, ideas and arguments from other sources. Til toppen