11 May 2015

Asger Törnquist new Associate Professor


The Dean has appointed Asger Törnquist as associate professor in descriptive set theory at the Department of Mathematical Sciences.

Asger Törnquist Asger received his Ph.D. degree from UCLA under the supervision of Gregory Hjorth. He was afterwards a postdoc at the University of Toronto, Canada, and the Kurt Gödel Research Centre in Vienna. In 2011 he received a Sapere Aude level 2 grant from Denmark's Council for Independent Research and returned to Denmark, where he has worked as an assistant professor at the Department of Mathematical Sciences since.

"My research area is descriptive set theory, which is an area of set theory that studies where mathematical analysis, broadly construed, meets the limitations of what can be proved in ZFC.”

”Descriptive set theory also provides a natural framework to investigate complexity problems in analysis, such as the complexity of classification problems, and ideas from descriptive set theory has increasingly been used within ergodic theory and operator algebras in the past decade", Asger explains.

Asger is member of the Executive Committee of the Scandinavian Logic Society, and a board member of the European Set Theory Society.