16 June 2016

Julie Thøgersen, visiting PhD student


Julie Thøgersen is a PhD student from Aarhus University, studying Mathematics and Economics. She will be visiting our department the rest of 2016.

Julie Thøgersen Julie Thøgersen started as a PhD student at Aarhus University in May, 2015 with Søren Asmussen as her supervisor. She has a bachelors degree and half a graduate in Mathematics and Economics from Aarhus University.

The broad topic in her PhD is applied probability theory. More specifically, so far she has been working with Markov renewal equations in a heavy-tailed framework and analysing the optimal choice of premium and deductible in non-life insurance. The latter involves modelling the behaviour of the customer.

The customer’s behaviour in non-life insurance is also what she wants to take a closer look at during her time at Copenhagen University in collaboration with Mogens Steffensen.

She sits in office 04.3.03.