11 February 2015

Samuele Soraggi, PhD student

PhD student

Samuele Soraggi is hired as a PhD student from February 2015. He will be involved in the project "The Genomic History of Denmark", and here on MATH affiliated with the research group Statistics and Probability Theory.

Samuele Soraggi"The Genomic History of Denmark" is a part of the UCPH Excellence Programme for Interdisciplinary Research. The project will make Denmark the first country in the world to map its evolutionary, demographic and health history - from the earliest settlers through to modern times - in order to understand actual health problems, genetic characteristics and social changes.

More specifically, Samuele's research will focus on the study of ancient DNA data (coming from the Centre for GeoGenetics) by the use of the techniques of Statistics and Machine Learning applied to the field of genetics.

Samuele graduated as a Master's Student in Applied Mathematics at the University of Genova, Italy, defending a thesis whose title was "The application of Hidden Markov Models in robotics". Samuele was supervised by Emanuela Sasso (University of Genova) and co-supervised by Danilo Bruno (IIT - Italian Institute of Technology).

Here in Copenhagen Samuele’s PhD supervisors will be Carsten Wiuf form MATH and Anders Albrechtsen from Dept. of Biology.

Samuele can be found in office 04.3.21