09 October 2014

Andrea Ricolfi, PhD student


Andrea Ricolfi was hired as a PhD student at the Department of Mathematical Sciences from 1 September 2014. He is affiliated with the research group Algebra and Number Theory.

Andrea  RicolfiAndrea has Lars H. Halle (UCPH) and Martin Gulbrandsen (University of Stavanger, Norway) as supervisors. He has a Master joint degree from the universities of Bordeaux and Padova, with a thesis titled "Bertini's theorem on generic smoothness".

“My research is concerned with motivic invariants in moduli theory. I’m mainly interested in the enumerative geometry of algebraic curves, and in questions related to (motivic) Donaldson-Thomas invariants and their link with Gromov-Witten invariants,” says Andrea Ricolfi.

Andrea is in office 04.0.14 - when he is not in Stavanger.