07 January 2015

Jacob Østergaard, PhD student

Jacob ØstergaardJacob Østergaard is employed as a PhD student at the Department of Mathematical Sciences as of January 1st 2015. He is part of the Statistics and Probability research group and affiliated with the Dynamical Systems Interdisciplinary Network group.

Jacob holds a M.Sc. in statistics from Aarhus University and has been working as a quantitative analyst at Nordea since 2010. Though he is originally from Jutland, he has found a comfortable space here in Copenhagen. His research interests are cointegration, nonlinear dynamics and statistical programming.

“My PhD project is aiming at bridging the theory of cointegration and phase space synchronization, historically two independent areas that may not be so far apart as one might think”, says Jacob.

Jacob’s supervisors are Susanne Ditlevsen from MATH and Anders Rahbek from the Department of Economics.

You can find Jacob in office 04.3.21