28 October 2021

Nordentoft win SCIENCE PhD Award of the year


The SCIENCE PhD Award of the year has been given to three excellent PhD students. Among them was Asbjørn Nordentoft from MATH.

Asbjørn Nordentoft and Dean Katrine Krogh Andersen
Asbjørn Nordentoft and Dean Katrine Krogh Andersen

The PhD Award is awarded annually by the Dean after the recommendation of the Research Committee at the Faculty of Science. The Committee nominates candidates based on nominations from the departments. This year's three winners were selected among eleven talented graduates. The selection criterion is solely the project and the ​graduate's excellence.

With their studies, publications and dissertations, the three outstanding award winners help future-proof a strong and innovative research environment at SCIENCE. With the award, the three winners receive DKK 25,000 each.

PhD Asbjørn Nordentoft, Department of Mathematical Sciences, was awarded the SCIENCE PhD Award 2021 for the dissertation “Arithmetic statistics and automorphic representations”.

In his dissertation, Asbjørn Nordentoft examines the distribution of the related so-called "automorphic periods", which are certain numerical sizes associated with the primary figures and their generalisations.

The PhD thesis makes a huge increase in the understanding of analytical numerical theory and, more specifically, in the arithmetic statistics of periods of automorphic forms.

The award is given to Asbjørn based on the creativity and insight he has demonstrated in his master's thesis, which has already received international attention. The assessment Committee states that each of the seven Papers in Asbjørn's PhD thesis "is written very clearly, demonstrates great scientific maturity and a broad knowledge in addition to the immediate topics".

Asbjørn's principle PhD adviser was Morten Risager.