5 November 2019

Song Li, PhD student

Newly employed

Song Li was employed as a PhD student at the Department of Mathematical Sciences 1 Nov. 2019. Song is part of the section for Statistics and Probability Theory, and his main supervisor is Professor Carsten Wiuf.

Song LiSong holds a Master’s degree in Statistics from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The Master project focused on the theoretical analysis of high-frequency data with heavy tails. He considered the parameter two-step estimation and robustness methods under the classical models and bootstrapping the symbolized residual tests.

His PhD research interest is to propose and demonstrate new statistical methods for some biometrics problems, like modelling explicit linear and non-linear evolutionary processes of population-wide allele (gene) frequencies over time. He will work with Carsten Wiuf in the research group Mathematical Biology.

Song's office is 04.3.28