21 October 2019

Snorre Jallbjørn, industrial PhD student

Newly employed

Snorre Jallbjørn enrolled as an industrial PhD student at the department in cooperation with ATP on 1 October 2019. Snorre is part of the Section for Statistics and Probability Theory, and his main supervisor is Professor Niels Richard Hansen.

Snorre JallbjørnSnorre holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Actuarial Mathematics from the University of Copenhagen. He graduated in August 2016 with the thesis “A co-integration analysis of Danish mortality data” under the supervision of Adj. Prof. Søren Jarner (ATP) and Prof. Mogens Steffensen.

Following his graduation, Snorre has worked as an actuary at ATP with a focus on mortality modeling.

The aim of Snorre’s PhD-project “Cause-specific mortality and longevity scenarios” is to develop a next-generation mortality model utilizing extensive epidemiological data at an individual level. The model will be based on the methodology of Causal Inference to link underlying risk factors to cause-specific mortality. Prof. Niels Richard Hansen is the main university supervisor and Adj. Prof. Søren Jarner (ATP) is the main company supervisor. They are also joined by Prof. Mogens Steffensen and PhD Esben Kryger (ATP).

You can find Snorre in office 04.03.21.