1 August 2017

Rune Christiansen, PhD student at SPT

Newly employed

Rune Christiansen started 1 July 2017 as a PhD under the supervision of Jonas Peters in the research group “Causal Inference with Incomplete Data” – under the section of statistics and probability theory (SPT).

Rune ChristianRune holds a master’s degree in statistics from University of Copenhagen. His master’s thesis concerned itself with statistical inference in high-dimensional regression models. Main supervisor was Niels Richard Hansen.

Rune’s main area of interest is causal structure learning from data:

“When datasets from different environments are available, the invariance of direct causal relationships can be exploited to estimate (parts of) the causal graph structure. In my project, I will work on extending this principle to cope with dynamical systems and the presence of latent variables”, he explains.

Rune works in office 04.3.28.