2 December 2019

Piotr Pstrągowski, postdoc

Newly employed

Piotr was employed at the Department from 1’st October 2019, affiliated with the Topology group. His mentor is Jesper Grodal.

Piotr Pstrągowski Piotr did his PhD at Northwestern University, USA, starting from 2015 under the supervision of Paul Goerss. His thesis was called "Algebraicity in Chromatic Homotopy Theory".

He did his Bachelor at University of Warsaw (2008-2012) and his Master at the University of Bonn (2012-2014.

Piotr studies interactions between homotopy theory and algebraic geometry in various forms, such as chromatic and motivic homotopy theory, as well as derived algebraic geometry.

You can find Piotr in office 04.0.09