17 May 2018

Peter Høyer, guest professor at QMATH


Peter Høyer joins QMATH from April to June 2018. Peter is interested in all aspects of quantum computation and theoretical computer science. He is currently working on speeding up random walks by quantum tunnelling, an important subroutine in many algorithms.

Peter HøyerAs you can spot from his name, Peter is not foreign to this country... He obtained his PhD from University of Southern Denmark under the joint supervision of Joan Boyar and Gilles Brassard. Peter is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Calgary.

Peter conducts fundamental research in quantum computing. His contributions to quantum algorithmics include amplitude amplification, faster quantum algorithms for searching and sorting, faster quantum walks, and tight lower bounds for quantum algorithms.

His works include computational aspects of quantum mechanics within non-locality games, quantum communication complexity, quantum circuits, quantum complexity theory, and entanglement.