23 September 2019

Nidhi Kaihnsa, postdoc at MBIO

Newly employed

Nidhi Kaihnsa was employed as postdoc 1 September 2019 associated with the Section for Statistics and Probability Theory. She will be working with the research group Mathematics of reaction networks (MBIO) and Elisenda Feliu.

Nidhi KaihnsaNidhi took a dual B.S-M.S in Mathematics, May 2015, from the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Mohali, India. Her advisor was Alok Maharana.

She did her PhD at Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences in Leipzig under the supervision of Bernd Sturmfels. Her thesis was Algebraic Methods for Dynamical Systems and Optimisation.

Nidhi works in Nonlinear Algebra; her research interest primarily includes Applied Algebraic Geometry, Real and Convex Algebraic Geometry and Polynomial Optimisation.

You can find Nidhi in office 04.3.06