3 August 2017

Nicholas Gauguin Houghton-Larsen, PhD student at QMATH

Newly employed

Nicholas Gauguin Houghton-Larsen is employed from 1 August 2017 as a PhD student at the Department of Mathematical Sciences - as part of the QMATH research group.

Nicholas Gauguin HoughtonNicholas' PhD advisor is professor Matthias Christandl, who also supervised his master thesis.

Nicholas studies mathematical differences between quantum and classical theories of the physical world. One way of exploring these differences is through Bell inequalities and non-local games - which were the topics of Nicolas' master thesis.

A related notion is that of contextuality, which evolved from work of Kochen and Specker. Nocolas hopes to gain a further understanding of these subjects and their interplay with other parts of quantum information theory.

The mathematics of quantum theory is to a large extent that of linear algebra, analysis and operator algebra. Besides from these fields, Nicholas also has a great interest in those of measure and probability theory, mathematical logic and axiomatic set theory.

Nicholas can be found in office 04.0.07.