11 October 2016

Mikala Ørsnes Jansen, PhD student at Topology

Newly employed

Mikala Ørsnes Jansen is employed as a PhD student as of October 1st 2016 and will be working in the research group Topology with Søren Galatius as her PhD adviser.

Mikala Ørsnes JansenMikala has both master's and bachelor's degree from this department. Her master's thesis was supervised by Dustin Tate Clausen and had the title "Stable Real Cohomology of $SL_n(Z)$".

Mikala’s research will be in the interplay between homology of groups and the theory of manifolds. Arithmetic groups share many features with diffeomorphism groups of manifolds. One goal will be to better understand the interplay between these two areas.

Mikala’s office is 04.0.04