20 February 2018

Maria Laura Battagliola, PhD student at SPT

Newly employed

Maria Laura was employed as a PhD student in the Statistics and Probability Theory group from 15 December 2017. Her PhD project is called “Quantile regression for longitudinal functional data”.

Maria Laura BattagliolaNowadays, studies concerning longitudinal scalar-on-function regression are very popular, since this versatile tool can give a useful insight into several fields, from life science to neuroscience. However, the existing body of research assumes that the functional covariates only affect the mean response profile, which poses an unrealistic restriction for many applications.

The objective of Maria Laura’s project is to endow the current framework with a quantile regression structure, so as to allow covariates to play a more flexible role.

Maria Laura’s supervisor is Professor Helle Sørensen (University of Copenhagen) and her co-supervisors are Professor Anders Tolver (also from this Department) and Professor Ana-Maria Staicu (North Carolina State University).

Maria Laura attained both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Mathematical Engineering from Politecnico di Milano, specializing in Applied Statistics.

Her master thesis was developed in collaboration with Professor Simone Vantini (Politecnico di Milano) and Professor Helle Sørensen (University of Copenhagen) and focused on the development of a local nonparametric inferential method for functional time series.

Maria Laura works in office 04.3.21