31 July 2017

Jorge Yslas Altamirano, PhD student

Newly employed

Jorge Yslas Altamirano is employed as a PhD student in the section for Insurance and Economics as of 1 August 2017. His principal supervisor is Thomas Mikosch.

Jorge Yslas AltamiranoJorge will work on multivariate subexponential distributions. The objective of his research project is to extend the univariate subexponential class in different directions to the multivariate case and to study the theoretical properties of these new classes.

Jorge got his Bachelor degree from Autonomous National University of Mexico (UNAM), and his Master's degree from University of Copenhagen. His master's thesis, titled “Heavy-tailed phase-type distributions”, was advised by Mogens Bladt who will also be his co-supervisor.

Jorge works in office 04.3.03.