21 December 2018

Professor John Wheater, guest at QMATH

visiting researcher

John Wheater is visiting the QMATH-center until April 2019, with Bergfinnur Durhuus as host.

Professor John Wheater. Photo by John Cairns / Oxford University

John Wheater is Professor of Physics at the University of Oxford, where he has been on the faculty for 33 years, and Head of Department 2010-18.

He graduated in Physics at Oxford in 1979 and did his D.Phil. on electroweak radiative corrections. He joined the academic staff in 1985 and is a Fellow of University College. He received the 1993 Maxwell Medal and Prize of the Institute of Physics.

John Wheater’s research interests while in Copenhagen, are discrete representations of quantum gravity and quantum geometry in 2, 3 and 4 dimensions - including

  • dynamics of quantum systems on random graphs,
  • combinatorial methods,
  • matrix model and random matrix methods and
  • global geometrical properties of these systems such as spectral and Hausdorff dimension.