22 October 2019

Jasmin Matz, associate professor

Newly employed

Jasmin Matz has joined the University of Copenhagen on 1 October 2019, as an associate professor. She will be associated with the section Geometric Analysis and Mathematical Physics.

Jasmin MatzPreviously, Jasmin was a senior lecturer at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She obtained her doctorate in July 2011 from the University of Düsseldorf, Germany, and then had postdoc positions at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, University of Bonn, MSRI (Berkeley), IAS (Princeton), and University of Leipzig.

Jasmin works in the area of automorphic forms, in particular, on various analytic aspects of the Arthur trace formula. This has connections to several other areas of mathematics, e.g., analytic number theory and the spectral theory of arithmetic manifolds.

Jasmin’s office is 04.2.18.